Barbecue is delicious, but how to clean the grill and skewer after feasting is unpleasant, don't you think? This is because meat fat and carbonization are impregnated in the pieces and do not come out easily. You rub, rub and don't come out. There the wonderful gambiarras start: old bread, sand, car wash. But gambiarra doesn't always work and what we want here is to teach you to stop suffering to clean grills and skewers. So we will teach you definitively. 

Main problem

What do we clean on dirty grates? The main dirt that must be removed are meat fats, food scraps and carbonization of the cooking process. We all know that oil / fat and water do not mix. That is why we strive using detergents, rubbing too much without result. This fat needs to be removed even so that we can access the stains under the fat, which are normally the black spots of carbonization.

Correct product

So we are clear that our main objective is to eliminate fat, first. For this, we need alkaline products. A suitable product for this is PLURI (R$ 25.90). It is concentrated and cleaned by detergency and alkalinity. Simply mix 1 portion of product to 5 portions of water and apply directly over the dirt. With 1 bottle of Pluri you make approximately 6 liters of ready-mix, that is, it is cheaper than stale bread! The first thing you will notice is that the fat will start to melt into a yellow foam, even without rubbing. If you use water with moderate pressure, the grill is practically clean. By loosening the fat, a good part of the black carbonization stains are also eliminated. So you guarantee perfect cleaning and sanitization of the grill and skewers, leaving them ready for the next barbecue.

Unlike improvised techniques, the famous gambiarras, the chemical process using alkalis does not leave residues of fats, food scraps, which can generate bad odors, accumulate micro organisms. It is a cleansing indeed. It is very cheap because the product is concentrated, yields many barbecues.


  • Dilute the product in 1 portion to 5 portions of water.
  • Place in a spray bottle; 
  • Try to use gloves;
  • Spray the product on the fat and let it act for 1 to 2 minutes;
  • Throw water for removal. If you want, you can use a sponge for a light scrub.

Buy Pluri by clicking on here.

If you want to see this process, watch the video below:

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