ALUMINA CUTMAX - Heavy Cut Polishing Compound

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Alumina Cutmax cutting polishing compound is revolutionary, a true One Step product. Tremendous cutting power and impeccable finish.

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Alumina Cutmax cutting polishing compound is revolutionary, a true One Step product. Tremendous cutting power and impeccable finish, something unthinkable for a product intended for cutting. The ability to quickly remove scratches and smooth out textures is impressive. It is the first cutting compound produced for any type of varnish, from the softest to the hardest and most complex. A single product, in any situation. This happens through the use of the exclusive EASY SIA system of intelligent abrasives, formed in 5 types of grain, covering everything from repainting, ceramic varnishes to extremely soft varnishes. And best of all, no dust generation.

Fast and extremely high quality alternative for polishing processes.


  • Any type of varnish;

The application forms on the different surfaces must obey the same technique of use of the product, recommended by Easytech.

Main features of Alumina Cut Max:

  • Cutting P1200 sandpaper marks;
  • Water-based product;
  • Excellent lubrication;
  • Rapid removal of scratches and textures;
  • Impeccable finish in one step;
  • Does not generate dust;
  • High yield;
  • Exclusive EASY SIA intelligent abrasive system.

How to use:

  1. Alumina Cutmax can be used in rotary and roto-orbital machines;
  2. Place product in the polishing cap and spread with the machine turned off;
  3. With the product spread on the part, start the polishing process;
  4. In the initial phase, work with light pressure and more speed: take advantage of the integrity of the abrasives to remove as many defects as possible in the first stages .;
  5. Decrease the pressure and speed as the abrasives break, visible from the moment that the residue on the part starts to have an oily characteristic;
  6. Remove from the part with a microfiber cloth and use IPA ETS for final inspection.

Weight 700.00 kg
Dimensions 18 × 11 × 26 cm
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