Kourus 30ml - Nano waterproofing for leather

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Kourus is a waterproofing agent for synthetic and natural leather based on an exclusive formula using flexible SiO2 nano particles. Its protection is extremely thin, invisible to the naked eye, preserving the original appearance of the leather as much as possible.

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Kourus is a waterproofing agent for synthetic and natural leather, automotive or household, based on an exclusive formula using nano particles of flexible SiO2, which provides protection without risks for the surface or for those who apply it. Its protection is extremely thin, invisible to the naked eye, preserving the original appearance of the leather as much as possible.

Easytech Kourus has easy application and high performance. With a 30ml bottle it is possible to apply inside up to 2 small cars. It is super safe to apply, with no risk of stains due to improper application.

Of the main benefits of protecting leather through the application of a nano protection, the following stand out:

  • Color wear: Kourus provides UV protection against harmful rays, preventing natural wear and tear due to exposure to sunlight, keeping the aspect closer to the original. The sun's rays are highly harmful and accelerate the leather degradation process.
  • Hydration: Kourus maintains the hydration of the leather for a longer time, preventing the drying of the fibers, which prolongs the life of the leather, preventing wear.
  • Cleaning: the dirt that normally gets encrusted in the leather will now be under the protective layer and will be easily removed without using chemicals. In most cases, only a damp cloth with clean water is needed.
  • Microorganisms: Kourus gives the surface a cationic layer, making it a hostile environment for the proliferation of mites and bacteria.
  • Liquid repellency: although leather already has a low surface tension with a good degree of liquid repellency, Kourus helps to prevent the penetration of moisture and liquids into the foam by creating an additional barrier in terms of penetration.
  • “Breathable” surface: Kourus does not seal the pores of the leather in order to keep the surface “breathable”, that is, it allows the passage of air and ensures that the foam's oxygenation and moisture retention in case of hydration.
  • Does not stain: Kourus does not contain aliphatic solvents in order to protect without offering any risk of stains on synthetic or natural leather.
  • Perfect finish: the product after applied slightly elevates the tone of the leather keeping the satin matte finish. The leather is not shiny or slippery, increasing the grip in case of sudden braking.

Validity of 3 years closed. Once opened, it should be used within 3 months.


  • Approximate yield: 4ml per m²
  • Easy application
  • No smell and no toxic solvents
  • Does not stain or react with natural or synthetic leather
  • Composition based on nanoparticulate vitreous silica
  • High durability, preserving the originality and hydration of the leather
  • Non toxic


Applicable in shoes, belts, jackets, vehicle interiors, leather seats, in addition to all synthetic leathers, bags.

  • Make sure the surface is clean and free of chemical residues;
  • If you are going to hydrate before applying, wait until the leather is completely absorbed;
  • Never use leather “moisturizers” that contain silicones. Make sure the leather is dry;
  • Drip Kourus into the applicator that comes with the package. Spread in oriented and fast movements until practically the total drying. Afterwards, use a dry microfiber cloth to remove the excess;
  • If you want to reapply to strengthen the protection, do it after 10 minutes of the first application;
  • Wait for the partial curing time of 6 to 12 hours, depending on the climate and temperature;
  • Do not use the leather during the curing time.


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