NEOBLACK - External Plastic Revitalizer and Protector - Up to 3 months of protection


The Neo Black External Plastics Revitalizer is a product that protects and restores plastics worn and degraded by the action of time.

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The Neo Black External Plastics Revitalizer is a product that protects and restores plastics worn and degraded by the action of time. In addition to the high capacity for renewal, Neo Black also helps to prevent the wear and tear caused by bad weather, such as depigmentation and contamination. Neo Black is completely free of aliphatic solvents, that is, it is water based. Safe for everyday use. The constant use of Neo Black in plastics basically promotes the impregnation of hybrid silicon polymers in the plastic surface, together with the addition of film-forming agents capable of promoting a new appearance. The result is a flawless satin finish with a new look, with virtually instant drying.

The durability of the protection can reach 3 months, especially after the second application. It is common in the first applications of Neo Black to find residues of solvents or silicones, which makes it difficult to penetrate and anchor which promote the product's long durability. Its creamy appearance facilitates the handling of the product, avoiding waste and leakage. Neo Black does not leave the surface sticky, sticky or wet, factors that would promote a great impregnation of dirt and dust. It dries instantly promoting a dry touch and looks new.


  • External plastics
  • Erasers
  • Marine tarps

Main features of Neo Black Plastic Revitalizer:

  • Satin finish with new plastic appearance;
  • Immediate drying;
  • It does not get sticky or wet, easy to handle;
  • Easy spreading;
  • Very high performance, without draining;
  • High resistance and repellency to liquids and dirt;
  • Non-toxic, water-based;
  • High capacity for renewing rough plastics.
  • No risk of dryness and whitening of rubbers due to the reaction with heavy solvents.
  • Thermal protection up to 120º C.

How to use:

  1. Clean the plastics normally;
  2. Apply preferably on a dry surface. In cases of application on a wet surface, use more product than usual to ensure durability;
  3. Put a few drops of Neo Black in a foam applicator;
  4. Spread in a Neo Black oriented way across the surface;
  5. For a more discreet finish, wipe with a dry cloth to remove excess;
  6. For a more outstanding finish, apply Neo Black with a very even spread and do not remove the excess.


















Weight 700.00 kg
Dimensions 18 × 11 × 26 cm
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