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The Petrol nozzle and glue remover is extremely necessary for cleaning and caring for your vehicle on a daily basis. It is quite common for vehicle paint to have tar stains from Brazilian roads, especially when under maintenance

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Petrol is an extremely efficient tar and glue remover with instant action. Tar stains do not come off easily, even with the use of stronger automotive shampoos like Tangerine, for example. For cases like this it is extremely important to remove the stains with as little rubbing as possible, preserving the integrity of the paint.

Petrol is also extremely efficient at removing glues and waxes. It also removes silicones in plastics and varnishes with extreme ease. It is perfect for inspecting a polishing process, especially when used in the polishing process that contains silicone. It is also a facilitator in the preparation of the part for a paint correction and protection process, completely and easily removing filler residues.


  • Varnishes
  • Glass
  • Metals

The application forms on the different surfaces must obey the same technique of use of the product, recommended by Easytech.

Main features of PETROL tar remover:

  • Safe to apply on varnishes of different degrees of hardness;
  • It does not change the characteristic of the surface;
  • Immediate action;
  • Easy removal of tar stains;
  • Reveals filling by fillers;
  • Removes wax residues;
  • Removes silicone;
  • Easy to use.

How to use:

  1. Spray Petrol on the piece;
  2. With the help of a dry microfiber cloth, spread gently under the stains;
  3. Repeat the process if you think it is necessary;
  4. In tar removal, let the product act for at least 30 seconds.
Weight 700.00 kg
Dimensions 18 × 11 × 26 cm
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