PLURI - Super APC Alkaline concentrate 1:50

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APC PLURI multi-cleaner is a multi-functional cleaner designed to remove heavy dirt and degrease.

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APC PLURI multi-cleaner is a multi-functional cleaner designed to remove heavy dirt and degrease. Its incredible ability to act against oils, grease, greases and encrusted dirt make PLURI an indispensable product.

PLURI is concentrated and low viscosity, easy to handle. Perfect for cleaning engines, wheel cases, mattresses and fabrics with a large scale of dirt, plastics. A perfect product for any situation.

Indicated Dilution

  • Inlaid: Dilute to 1: 5
  • Heavy: Dilute to 1:10
  • Medium Intensity: Dilute up to 1:20
  • Light: Dilute up to 1:50

How to use

  1. Dilute the product according to the degree of dirt;
  2. Apply the product to the piece using a spray bottle;
  3. Let the product act for a few minutes:
  4. Carry out a light rubbing to remove residues;
  5. Remove all product residue by rinsing. In the case of fabrics such as car seats or sofas, use an extractor with clean water.

Note: on very cold days, slightly heat the water to be used for dilution. Chemicals lose up to 20% of performance at very low temperatures.


Weight 1400.00 kg
Dimensions 18 × 11 × 26 cm
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