Scholl Concepts Spider White foam heavy cutting beret

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Scholl Concepts Spider White Heavy Cutting Beret is a revolutionary reticulated high density foam beret with exclusive Spider technology

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Scholl Concepts Spider White Heavy Cutting Beret is a revolutionary foam beret. It promotes a super heavy cut through a high density reticulated foam with the exclusive Spider technology, developed by Scholl Concepts. This technology allows new abrasives to enter the creases of the Spider beret ensuring abrasive renewal during the polishing process. In practice, this means high cutting power for longer.

The exclusive creases of the Spider caps also allow for a temperature-controlled cutting procedure as these creases allow for greater surface cooling.

The Scholl Concepts foam caps are self-made using the famous German foams, a quality reference all over the world.

The Spider White beret has an interface for exclusive use on rotating machines. This ensures firmness and performance during the polishing process. It is recommended for removing granulation, heavy scratches, scratches, acid rain, water stains, oxidations, paint drips, orange peel and other imperfections. For this, we recommend using the White Spider with S3 Gold, a super heavy cut compound.

For use on rotating machines, we recommend a variable speed between 1200 to 1800 RPM. For a superior finish, we recommend a rotation between 600 and 800 RPM at the end of the polishing step, after the product has reached its maximum lubrication and abrasive breakage. In this way, holograms and small brands of berets that can occur due to speed and pressure will be eliminated.

The Scholl Concepts Spider White beret is presented in 3.5 ″, 5.5 ″ and 6.5 ″, with indication of the use of 3 ″, 5 ″ and 6 ″ velcro.

Main features:

  • Extremely effective in removing aggressive marks on hard varnishes
  • Super tough
  • Aggressive foam with three-dimensional face
  • Exclusive Spider technology (greater cutting power)
  • German quality foam
  • Better airflow
  • Heat reduction avoiding overheating of the surface
  • Damping system by interface
  • Exclusive use for rotating machine
  • Quick changeover to an efficient velcro system
  • Impeccable finish even in aggressive cutting procedure


  • White color
  • Diameter 3.5, 5.5, 6.5 inches
  • Fixation: Velcro
  • Support: We recommend Scholl Concepts 3-in-1 support

Weight 150.00 kg
Dimensions 16 × 14 × 10 cm
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