Vitreous Ceramic 30ml - Nano protection for glasses (up to 6 months of durability)

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Do you know how a glass crystallizer works? Have you ever thought about getting rid of stains in the bathroom stall? Dirt on windows? Or driving safely in the rain with maximum visibility through water repellency? Vitreous is your product! Vitreous protects through a long-lasting invisible ceramic layer, reducing even fingerprint marks. The surface is “mirrored” with incomparable brightness and smoothness.

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Glass Crystallizer

Vítria protects glasses, chrome pieces and lacquered wood through a long-lasting invisible ceramic layer, with an impeccable aesthetic finish and high liquid repellency. Perfect for those looking for impeccable protection and finish. High durability glass crystallizer, which can last up to 6 months. This is Vitia. Perfect finish, tested and proven efficiency.

Main benefits:

  • Composition: Mixture of hybrids of SiO2 and fluorine;
  • Duration: up to 6 months;
  • Highly resistant
  • High repellency to liquids and dirt;
  • UV protection against harmful rays;
  • Mirrored shine;
  • Total drying in 2 hours;
  • Yield: 5ml / m²;
  • Flawless finish.

How to use:

Take the applicator that comes in the Vítria box. Place a few drops of the product in the applicator and spread it evenly until it forms a film. Wait 30 seconds to 1 minute and remove the excess completely with the help of a clean and dry microfiber cloth. Make sure to completely remove any excess.

Important: do not pour water in the first 2 hours after application. It is very important that the product cures within 2 hours to anchor on the glass surface. Avoid using abrasive sponges and corrosive products to clean windows and mirrors. This greatly impairs Vitia's protection.

Weight 200.00 kg
Dimensions 18 × 11 × 26 cm
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